Welcome to the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

What is the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign?

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is a public-private partnership that encourages the use of a wide variety of commercially available Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies and ongoing monitoring practices to help uncover energy-saving opportunities and improve building performance. Since it's launch in 2016, the Campaign has brought together commercial building owners who are using or planning to use energy information systens (EIS), and fault detection and diagnostic tools (FDD) through a monitoring-based commissioning process (MBCx).

Starting in January 2020, the Campaign will transition to a slightly different format

The Campaign will not accept any new participants after January 1, 2020 but the existing participants will continue to receive technical assistance from Campaign staff. Webinars and peer group meetings will continue through the spring of 2020.

Other important news is that the Spring awards will be the last selected in the Campaign. Those current participants interested in being considered for an award can complete the awards application by March 16, 2020.

In Summer 2020, the Campaign will end but all participants will be informed on how to sign up to join the DOE Better Buildings Alliance (BBA) EMIS Technical Team. The EMIS Tech team will contunue to offer webinars, new resources and event announcements. Supporting Partners will be included in the notifications for these and are welcome to attend. The LBNL Campaign staff will manage the EMIS Tech Team. Any questions on the BBA EMIS Tech Team or related inquiries can be directed to info@smart-energy-analytics.org.

Read the latest report on EMIS data

The report on the third year of data collected from participants in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is publically accessible here. The report describes their savings and energy efficiency measures taken in over 500 million sq ft of floor area that are implementing EMIS.  Also included in the report are the energy savings and cost data for FDD and EIS projects implemented by Campaign participants. Look for the final report in late summer 2019.

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