Welcome to the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

What is the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign?

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is a public-private partnership that encourages the use of a wide variety of commercially available Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies and ongoing monitoring practices to help uncover those energy-saving opportunities and improve building performance. Since it's launch in 2016, the Campaign has brought together commercial building owners who are using or planning to use Energy Information Systens (EIS), Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx).

The third year of results gathered from Campaign participants wasl be presented in a webinar on October 30th, access to recording and decks are availalbe on Webinars page. 


Starting in 2020, the Campaign will transition to a slightly different format

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign will transition to DOE's Better Buildings Alliance (BBA) EMIS Technical Team. Here’s the timeline:

  • LBNL will continue the Campaign and offer the last round of awards in spring 2020.  Awards applications will be due 3/16/2020 
  • The last round of participant data collection will occur May 2020
  • Starting in summer 2020, the LBNL team will to work with owners and supporting partners, delivering informational webinars and providing resources to support the EMIS community through the BBA EMIS Tech Team. 

LBNL is pleased with the high level of Campaign participation since 2016 and thanks all participants and supporting partners for their involvement in the Campaign.   We are looking forward to continuing our support of the EMIS community through the BBA. 

What is required to join the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign?

To join, a participant would plan to install a new EMIS, upgrade an existing EMIS, or continue using an existing EMIS. At a minimum level, to participate in the Campaign you plan to implement at least one of the following:

  1. Use of an energy information system (EIS) with hourly (or more frequent) interval data from the whole building meter, or
  2. Use of a fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) system or automated system optimization (ASO) for at least one HVAC system

Any energy management process is eligible as long as participants use their EMIS to analyze data to identify energy-saving opportunities and implement at least one of these energy-savings opportunities during the Campaign.

Once you've joined, the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign  provides information and connections to key findings and best practices, to help your organization cut through the complexity of EMIS options. The campaign is designed to get you started on the path to ongoing monitoring and analytics.

All participant receive:

  1. Technical assistance from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory building energy experts, who can help you to answer questions as you identify, install, and operationalize your EMIS. The Laboratory team can advise you on how to:
    • Justify an EMIS to your management
    • Set up and configure an EMIS
    • Take action from your energy data
    • Continually improve energy performance based on real information on your building
  2. National recognition by the U.S. Department of Energy, for exemplary achievements
  3. Exclusive membership in a cohort/peer network with other participants to share best practices
  4. Information on how to implement cost-effective energy savings

How do I get involved?

To become a participant in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, first make a pledge and then share your progress. Signing up only takes a few minutes and we're here to help you every step of the way.

  1. First things first. Join the Campaign. Share your plans to install a new EMIS or use an existing EMIS in one or more buildings, analyze energy use from the EMIS data, and then implement at least one energy-saving measure. Fill in the Join as a Participant form
  2. Share your activities. Within a year of joining the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, share how you've implemented your EMIS plans and what actions you've taken as a result of using your EMIS. Follow through on your pledge; tell us about your progress.
  3. Let us shine a light on your work. Get national recognition.Participants will be recognized annually in front of peers at several national industry events. Applying for recognition is voluntary and several categories of recognition are offered.
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