National Recognition Opportunities for Campaign Participants

The Campaign will highlight those participants with exemplary projects on an annual basis. Application for recognition is voluntary. Those chosen will be recognized by the Department of Energy and the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign.

How to Apply for Recognition

To be considered for the recognition, the Campaign Participant fills out all fields on the Participant Actions page and in Recognition Application.

A committee of Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab will determine the finalists in these categories:

Category Description Application Due  Recognition Granted
Best Practice  Site or portfolio with exemplary practices in implementing EMIS with their energy management program 3/16/2020 Spring 2020


Site or portfolio with innovative practices in implementing EMIS with their energy management program 3/16/2020 Spring 2020
Largest Portfolio  Portfolio with the largest floor area that has used their EMIS to help identify and implement energy-savings action 3/16/2020 Spring 2020
Energy Performance  Site or portfolio with the highest ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager benchmark score in the previous calendar year 3/16/2020 Spring 2020
New Installation 

UPDATE: The New Installation Awards will not require an award application.  Any participant who has implemented EMIS in 2017 or 2018 will be considered for the new installation award.  Significant EMIS expansions will also be considered.  

If you recently implemented your EMIS and the Campaign is not already aware of your progress, please reach out to by August 10, 2018 to make sure you are put in the running for this opportunity for recognition.  

No application required Fall 2019
MBCx Provider 

In August 2019, the Campaign will be reviewing the MBCx providers that were noted when participants joined.  Any MBCx service provider mentioned by a Campaign participant will be put in the running for the MBCx Provider recognition.  The Campaign will reach out to owners for more information on the scope of involvement of their MBCx service providers.  MBCx Providers do not apply for this award.  MBCx Providers will be recognized based on their breadth and depth of support of Campaign participants. 

MBCx Activities may include:

  • Commission the EMIS (verify data accuracy, metrics correctly calculated, user interface and reports configured as desired)
  • Review EMIS analysis and reporting, and identify issues
  • Develop an action plan for correcting operational errors and deficiencies
  • Support issue resolution. 
  • Document and quantify energy savings
  • Establish training program to maintain ongoing energy management processes
No application required Fall 2019


With permission, Participants who complete the minimum requirements of the Campaign will be recognized for their accomplishments in implementing EMIS and ongoing monitoring.