Final Awards from the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

April 29, 2020

As we wind down the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign after four years of engagement with building owners and operators who adopt EMIS at their sites, we are pleased to present the last group of award winners in the Campaign.

These four award recipients will join a list of 22 previous awardees, described in Success Stories that outline their organization’s installation and use of EMIS.

Here are the Spring 2020 recognized participants and category:

  • Pomona College - Innovation in Using an Energy Management and Information System
  • University of Utah Health - New Installation of Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Stony Brook University - Largest Portfolio Using an Energy Information System
  • Commonwealth Partners - Best Practices Using an Energy Information System

We’ll host these winners in a webinar in May, where each building owner will give the background on how they executed their EMIS implementation, how the project evolved, and best practices that were learned along the way. We hope you can join us.

May 20th

11am-12pm PST
Meeting ID: 307 275 800