New Installation Awardees are Recognized

October 10, 2019

Installing an energy management and information system (EMIS) and successfully integrating analytics into ongoing practices is a significant undertaking, requiring clear planning, vision, and intentional efforts to engage all key building stakeholders. In October 2019, the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign recognized the latest wave of exemplary new EMIS installations, from Swedish Medical Center, Vanderbilt University, LBA Realty, and Universal Health Services. Read on to find out more about what makes these organizations’ EMIS special.

Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA. Recognized for New Installation of FDD, Healthcare.

In partnership with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Swedish Medical Center implemented FDD at three hospital campuses, expanding from their first campus of about 1 million sq ft to 2.8 million sq ft in approximately one year. Using a customized ICONICS platform, the MacDonald-Miller team identifies faults down to the terminal unit level, then meets weekly with the operations team to discuss and plan for corrective actions for the highest priority faults.  By exporting data from ICONICS into Microsoft Power BI, the team provides management-level reporting dashboard of fault rates, total fault cost waste, and opportunities that remain to be addressed.  MacDonald-Miller is delivering FDD to Swedish Medical Center through a 5-year performance contract designed to get analytics up and running and help embed the tools into operational practices. 

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Recognized for New Installation of FDD, Higher Education.

Working closely with BuildingLogix, their FDD vendor and monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) provider, Vanderbilt University recently implemented FDD software in over 1 million sq ft of buildings on campus.  The FDD software is helping Vanderbilt dig into faults, diagnose problems, and verify the system fixes. When bringing a new building or chilled water plant into the FDD system, BuildingLogix develops a detailed report summarizing findings and recommended solutions and works through these findings with the operations staff.  After this initial phase, Vanderbilt’s energy manager takes the reins for ongoing monitoring, with quarterly review of the FDD results by BuildingLogix.  The flexibility of the FDD software has allowed Vanderbilt to develop a custom chilled water plant optimization dashboard to display relevant KPIs which gives the energy manager the information necessary to continuously modify control strategies to minimize energy use. 

LBA Realty, Headquarters in Irvine, CA. Recognized for New Installation of  EIS, FDD, and ASO Commercial Real Estate.

LBA Realty has embraced analytics with comprehensive installation of Yardi Pulse Suite, a combined energy information system (EIS), FDD, and automated system optimization (ASO) software. ASO is a model-based tool that dynamically modifies particular building automation system (BAS) control setpoints to reduce HVAC system energy usage while maintaining occupant comfort. LBA has implemented these analytics in five buildings with plans to bring on seven more. The EIS portion of the Yardi software uses an embedded energy model to estimate savings relative to a historical baseline. Then alerts are provided when actual energy use exceeds the model-predicted energy use. The software also helps the operations team view additional data streams that can help determine cause of an energy use anomaly.  While the combination of EIS and FDD provide a holistic view to fault identification, the issues identified require user intervention to reap the benefits.  ASO can take users out of the equation in certain areas of HVAC system optimization by automatically modifying setpoints, such as chilled water supply temperature and discharge air temperature, in real-time.  The LBA Realty team enjoys the mostly hands-off nature of ASO functionality to save energy in their chilled water plants.

Universal Health Services, installations in Nevada, California, and Texas.  Recognized for New Installation of FDD, Healthcare.

Using CopperTree Analytics for FDD at five sites and Lucid BuildingOS for managing utility bill data for 12 sites, Universal Health Services (UHS) is implementing analytics to help them meet their goal to save 20% in HVAC costs over four years. Grumman Butkus Associates (GB/A) plays an important role as the installer of the FDD software and provider of MBCx services.  GB/A not only uses the FDD software to detect issues and monitor persistence of issues that have already been fixed, but they also oversee that the savings are achieved. Typically, an owner will resolve identified operational issues using in-house staff or paying third party contractors from operations budgets. This approach can be effective, but fixes may not be implemented due to the many competing priorities for the operations team’s time and budget. So UHS’s contract with GB/A includes closing the loop on the issues that are found, ensuring that there is budget allocated to resolving issues, not just finding them.