Smart Energy Analytics Campaign honors participants at Better Buildings Summit

May 22, 2017

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign was pleased to recognize five participants at DOE's Better Buildings Summit and at the Smart Cities-Silicon Valley Conference:

  • Largest Portfolio Using EMIS - MGM Resorts International, 38 Million square feet with implementation of FDD focusing on central plants
  • Energy Performance in a Portfolio - Emory University, 25% reduction in whole building energy use since implementation of existing building commissioning and in-house FDD
  • Energy Performance in a Single Site - Salt Lake City, 35% total Btu savings in one year with implementation of EIS and FDD, achieving an ENERGY STAR score of 100
  • Best Practice in the Use of EMIS - Sprint in partnership with CBRE | ESI, working closely with their EMIS service provider, Sprint has installed comprehensive FDD at their 4 million square foot headquarters
  • Innovation in the Use of EMIS - University of California, Davis, in addition to energy savings through existing building commissioning and FDD, created websites for occupants to report room temperature feedback and an EIS to display energy use, and they built interval data-driven models for M&V

For more details on these outstanding examples of saving energy through the use of EMIS, take a look at the Case Studies page.

(L to R) Cameron Scott, Salt Lake City. Energy Performance for a Single Site; Mike Robbins, Emory University. Energy Performance for a Portfolio; Darrel Carter, Sprint in partnership with CBRE. Best Practice in the Use of EMIS; Christopher Magee, MGM Resorts International. Largest Portfolio Using EMIS; Jessica Granderson, Deputy Division DIrector, Lawrence Berekeley National Laboratory; Not shown: University of California, Davis. Innovation in the use of EMIS