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Implementation Model: Real Time Energy Monitoring

The City of Beaverton, Oregon, participated in a three year real time energy monitoring pilot program sponsored by the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO), a non-profit that supports utility programs across the state. ETO provided the city with resources to install energy monitoring systems and utilize the services of an expert consultant. With this support, the city was able to identify low and no cost recommendations for energy savings.

Energy Information Systems 

Real Time Energy Management - a Case Study of Three Large Commercial Buildings in Washington, D.C.

This case study examines the energy management initiative implemented by The Tower Companies, in three large, multi-tenant office buildings it owns and operates in downtown Washington, D.C.

Energy Information Systems 

Realizing High-Performance buildings - Chapter 2 Energy Information System

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado, focused on a very ambitious energy intensity goal for its planned Research Support Facility (RSF). NREL identified the three main functions of its EIS: identify system performance issues quickly; track adherence to the RSF’s zero energy goal, and provide occupants with information about how to save energy and improve comfort.

Energy Information Systems

Building Energy Information Systems: User Case Studies

Case studies of energy information systems (EIS) at four enterprises and university campuses (Wal-Mart Stores, Sysco Corporation, UC Berkeley, UC Merced), focusing on the attained energy savings, and successes and challenges in technology use and integration.

Energy Information Systems

Building Performance Tracking Success Story: University of California, Davis

Eight years ago, energy management at the University of California, Davis was a limited, manual process. Since then, UC Davis has made tremendous strides in its building performance tracking strategy with an EIS tool for continuous monitoring of building energy meters and the HVAC central plant control system.

Energy Information Systems

Building Performance Tracking Success Story: The Avertine

Case study of an example of how multiple tools and strategies can be combined to create a successful building performance. Through the combination of benchmarking, utililty bill analysis, BAS and ASO, resulted in a LEED platinum certification at The Avertine.

Automated System Optimization

Building Performance Tracking Success Story: Oregon Department of Administrative Services

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (OR DAS) is a state agency with a diverse range of building types in its portfolio, the need to track performance of its 44 buildings was supported by benchmarking and utility bill analysis as well as an advanced EIS for whole building energy analysis and alerts.

Advanced Energy Information System

Building Performance Tracking Success Story: Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County chose FDD as a key element of their overall management strategy to identify potential faults before they became actual failures, and to provide maintenance staff with a tool to address issues before tenants experience comfort issues. 

Fault Detection & Diagnostics