Technical Assistance

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign provides a variety of technical assistance options to help commercial building owners/managers in their EMIS deployment process.

Top Resources

Expert resources to help adopt and utilize premiere EMIS technologies.


Slides and recordings of past Smart Energy Analytics Campaign webinars to spread news of the campaign, new technical resources, and success stories from for Participants and Supporting Partners.

Case Studies

Successful stories and lessons learned for adopting EMIS in private and public commercial buildings.

Utility Incentives

Incentive and financing programs are available to support the installation and use of EMIS in commercial buildings.

Technical Assistance

Technical FAQ

Typical questions and answers about Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies and processes, the energy savings, and time it takes to install, operate, and use the data they provide.

Find a Product or Service

Looking for a specific EMIS tool or service provider? Click here to see a list of EIS, automated system optimization software, fault detection and diagnosis systems, and MBCx service providers.