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Overview/Business Case
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EIS Business Case

Costs and benefits of energy information systems

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
EIS: Technology Costs, Benefit, and Best Practice Uses

A large-scale assessment of EIS uses, costs, and energy benefits, based on a series of case study investigations synthesized into generalizable findings

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
EIS: Technology Costs, Benefit, and Best Practice Uses (Slide Presentation)

Summary presentation of the EIS: Technology Costs, Benefit, and Best Practice Uses study

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
EMIS Crash Course

Introduction to EMIS family of tools

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Request For Proposal Example List

Table with links to 10 RFP examples for EIS and FDD.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Synthesis of Year Three Outcomes in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

In the third year of data from participants in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, this report describes their savings and energy efficiency measures taken in over 500 million sq ft of floor area that are implementing EMIS.  The energy savings and cost data presented here is the largest collection of information on EMIS. Every year the Campaign will expand these findings with updated information on participant's actions.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Characterization and Survey of Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic Tools

Framework developed to capture key elements to distinguish the functionality and potential application of AFDD offerings.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
EMIS Specification and Procurement Support

RFP template, technology specification (minimum functionality is highlighted), RFP evaluation criteria

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Energy Information Handbook

How to analyze meter data and identify energy-saving opportunities

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Inventory of Commercial EMIS for M&V Application

An analysis of commercially available EMIS that details the functionality of fourteen EMIS with automated M&V

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Metering Best Practices

Introduction to metering and communication technologies

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Building Performance Tracking Handbook

How to track building performance and identify opportunities with EMIS

California Commissioning Collaborative
Using EMIS to Identify Top Opportunities for Commercial Building Efficiency

An overview of the top energy-savings opportunities in commercial buildings and how they can be identified using the interval meter analytics offered in EIS technologies or automated analytics in FDD systems

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Best Practices in Cx Existing Buildings

Best practices for an existing building Cx process 

Building Commissioning Association
Commercial Building Retuning Project

How to analyze BAS data and identify energy-saving opportunities, including training programs and development of an online interactive training curriculum

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
EMIS Planning Manual and Tool

The site presents three phases of planning an EMIS implementation

Natural Resources Canada
Existing Building Cx Guide

An overview of the existing building Cx process

California Commissioning Collaborative
Guidelines for Verifying Savings from Commissioning Existing Buildings

Savings measurement and verification guideline

California Commissioning Collaborative
MBCx - What You Need to Know

Two page flyer describing core elements of the Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) process.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
MBCx Plan Template

The MBCx Plan Template is designed for use by building staff to help drive a thorough MBCx process to ensure all team members are fully aware of the Plan and their responsibilities.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Primer on Organizational Use of EMIS - How to plan, implement, and use EMIS.

Primer on how to plan, implement, and use EMIS

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory